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Pffft Ha Ha Ha Ha!

By one Roger Langridge. From Electronic Cerebrectomy.

"Baby-Face" Skywalker

Mark Hamill in an episode of The Partridge Family.

Another one from Retrospace, in this case a post detailing all the little cameos in Partridge Family -- including Richard Pryor (!).

Wow (For Another Reason)

I can grok all the rest of her posture -- but why is she en pointe? What's "Ridgid" about that?

Via Retrospace.

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What The What?

I'm just going to reprint the whole of this:

A well-heeled Philadelphia school district gave out laptops to students—then used the webcams attached to covertly spy on them, both at school and at home, according to a class-action lawsuit. The case, Blake J. Robbins v. Lower Merion School District, was filed after one of the school’s vice principals disciplined Robbins’ son for “improper behavior in his home,” using a photo taken from the camera as evidence, according to the filing.

The laptops were issued to 1,800 students at three high schools in the district, each with a built-in webcam that, according to the lawsuit, administrators can activate remotely and covertly. The suit is a class action, brought on behalf of all the students and their parents. They’re seeking damages for invasion of privacy, theft of private information, and unlawful interception and access of electronic information.


Words fail me.

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Man Attempts to Drown His Daughter, Age 4

She wouldn't recite the alphabet, so he picked her up, placed her on the countertop, and pushed her head into a bowl of water.

He'd just been awarded custody of the little girl, too.


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Annette's Secret Passage

Cause for thirteen year olds the country over to snicker knowingly.