Friday, June 25, 2010

2012: The Doctor Who Movie

And guess who's confirmed to play the good Doctor?

Johnny Fucking Depp.

This is like a fanboy's dream combined with a nightmare, because this is what Mr. Depp had to say about the part:

"The Doctor will absolutely have a serious romance. I can not reveal who my co-star is yet but I'm told she is a strong, lovely actress that everyone knows and is perfect for the part ... The Doc is always portrayed as this mysterious Demi-God. Russell has penned this wonderful, exciting script that humanizes this all-powerful alien. The Doctor is actually given a name in the film, I'm told he never really has one. He also acts like a Physician in more than just his title. He's called The Doctor for a reason. His mission is to journey through time and space with a crew of volunteers treating humanity's illnesses brought on by invading aliens. He cures the bubonic plague and then goes to Africa to fight Ebola. The film will be very human and relevant and have a great message."

The mystery of who the Doctor was before he started wandering the galaxy is a great source of stories and was especially played up during the last few years of the classic series.

Giving the Doctor a name nails him down. I don't suppose this prevents him from being Rassilon and/or Merlin, or the Creator of the Universe, but it just feels too concrete to me.

Perhaps someone will give him a name, rather than him revealing his own. That would actually fit in better with the whole Mystery Man angle, of a guy who's had so many identities he gets confused sometimes, himself.

Anyway, Depp is a wonderful actor and I'm looking forward to seeing the film, but there is a mantra playing in the back of my head which tempers my enthusiasm:

Tie-in movies usually suck.

Thursday, June 24, 2010



Via Retrospace Zeta

Very, Very Patient Chows + Fur Dye =

Stolen shamelessly from CuteOverload.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


If I suggested to you that this time-lapsed video looked like the classic scene from Alien, wherein one organism comes bursting from the body of another, thereby killing it, would you be able to watch it with a quiet mind?

You're welcome.

Watch at YouTube.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Tomorrow Will Never Come Again

They have canceled Little Orphan Annie.

"They" in this case turns out to be Tribune Media Services, which announced on May 13, 2010 that LOA would cease to publish on June 13, 2010.

I'm not sure how much lead time the creators of a newspaper strip need, but apparently LOA didn't get enough because the strip stopped abruptly with Daddy Warbucks believing Annie dead and fed to sharks, while actually she was rescued by a notorious Eastern European terrorist war criminal, who press-ganged her into helping him.


The creators are hoping that some other syndicate buys the strip and starts publishing it, but at the end there Annie was running in 20 newspapers across the nation, including, apparently, the New York Daily News, which has published the strip for the entirety of its 86-year run.

If I had a hat, I would remove it and crush it to my chest as though watching a funeral procession.

Congratulations on running almost 90 years, Little Orphan Annie.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fetch Your Poetry Appreciation Chairs

William McGonagall was an astonishingly bad poet, the most famous example of whose body of work I inflict upon you below for your entertainment.

The Tay Bridge Disaster

Beautiful Railway Bridge of the Silv'ry Tay!
Alas! I am very sorry to say
That ninety lives have been taken away
On the last Sabbath day of 1879,
Which will be remember'd for a very long time.

'Twas about seven o'clock at night,
And the wind it blew with all its might,
And the rain came pouring down,
And the dark clouds seem'd to frown,
And the Demon of the air seem'd to say-
"I'll blow down the Bridge of Tay."


Courtesy The Annotated Pratchett File.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh. My. God.

Colin Baker sings!

Watch at YouTube.

You might want to disable your embarrassment circuits before you click play.

The YouTube page says this is from the Doctor who Audio Book "Doctor Who and the Pirates." Lyrics at the Youtube page, if you expand the description below the movie.