Monday, November 17, 2008

Return of Them What Brung Ya

Via Lambert at Corrente, who had it from Emptywheel at Firedoglake, I see that Greg Craig has been named White House Counsel. Mr. Craig is "a Washington lawyer who advises the Obama campaign."

Mr. Craig supported Obama's vote for warrantless wiretapping by saying this:

But he concluded that with FISA expiring, that it was better to get a compromise than letting the law expire.

But FISA was not expiring. The Protect America Act was expiring. That was what we had to rush through before Congress recessed, so W could go on presidentin' without check or balance.

So, either Mr. Craig a) confused PAA with FISA; or b) lied.

Which do you prefer for White House Counsel, a crappy $450/hr. lawyer or a mendacious $450/hr. lawyer?

As Liss at Shakesville has said [length and blub warning], we can't make a whole lot of progress if we're stuck in the primary. I'm going to make an effort to look forward. Part of that includes criticizing and applauding Obama's appointments. I don't trust anybody not to abuse their power, and I want to strip the Imperial Presidency of the powers it has assumed against the Constitution. The appointment of Mr. Craig doesn't seem to be a step in that direction.

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