Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kreative Blogger Meme

Onoez! Tagged by a meme by my mother! Mama, how could you!? Now I have to update my blog! :P

So I guess I stick this thing here:

And now I list seven things I like, in no particular order and by no means exhaustive:

1. Star Trek: As Lance Mannion says, Star Trek is a story about a shipful of nerds who go out and explore the galaxy.

2. Rain in the predawn light when I can snuggle in bed and just listen.

3. Music. I am constantly listening to something on the radio or on the computer.

4. Cats. When they're being loving and companionable, less so when they've just sent their dinner back to the kitchen ... three hours too late.

5. Horses. Wonderful, wind-swift horses in all their grace and strength and irritating stupidity. My high school band once commissioned a piece of music inspired by all the horse farms in the Bluegrass. That wasn't so great.

6. Pizza. There are a couple of Mellow Mushroom franchises in Knoxville, and there you can get all kinds of gourmet pizza. It doesn't have to be Papa John's cheese and two toppings deep-fat-fried gunk.

7. The Intarwebs. All kinds of information, and any number of pinatas at my disposal, there for me to find if I'll only look.

I'm supposed to tag seven other blogs, but I'm a small fish in a big ocean. I doubt the big fish like Pharyngula, Pandagon, Slacktivist and Shakesville would even notice me were I to stroll up and nibble (all links can be found in this elegant and finely-crafted sidebar -->).

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