Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh, Grand

PeTA continues to grab attention for its issues by exploiting women.

I have no idea who Nia Long is, I'll be frank, but I'm glad to see PeTA is continuing to value animals over women so much.

I grabbed this photo over at Photoshop Disasters, who put it up because of the awful 'shop job done on putting in the subway, but also because PeTA is aggravating.

I'm more concerned that they chose a photo of Ms. Long that was not entirely artfully arranged. They have a couple spots to cover up, and by coincidence the two are almost vertically aligned, so the art department decides to put in a pole to preserve modesty.

"It's a subway, right? There are poles in the subway cars to hang on to, right? So who'll notice this?" I imagine they said.

Except it's right in front of the doors, and the way they've put it in makes her look like a pole dancer.

While they were busy airbrushing out all her moles and her belly, couldn't they just have covered over her naughty bits?

Nope, it's easier to try and evoke sexy times than put in a bit more work.

And who wears fur? Are straight men and gay women really the largest consumers of fur? Are there no straight women who buy fur? How is this ad supposed to appeal to them? Where are the naked Bruce Willises and Matt Damons demonstrating their abhorrence for the fur industry?

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