Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh, Boy

That's the lineup for the last three episodes of this season of Doctor Who. Left to Right, that's Sarah Jane Smith (whee!!), Mickey, Rose's Mum, Rose, Doctor #10, Martha Jones, Captain Jack Sparrow Harkness, and a very grafted-in Donna Noble*.

They've all got stuff to bring to the table. Sarah Jane still has K-9 kicking around, although he didn't appear to my knowledge in the Sara Jane Chronicles, Mickey, Rose's Mum, and Rose can cross dimensions, the Doctor, of course, has a magic wand that makes Harry Potter look like a piker, Martha Jones seems to have UNIT at her beck and call, Jack Harkness is in charge of the spinoff Torchwood, and Donna Noble is the viewpoint character.

They're all going to be involved in this season's three-part finale, which is going to be made of one of two things: 1) win; or 2) fail. I can hardly wait.

Via Shakesville (again).

*Seriously. Donna's taller than that, there's an obvious value dissonance in her darks and the darks of the background, and she's just standing there while everyone else seems like they're trying to sit in each other's laps. Total Photoshop job.

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