Monday, July 21, 2008

Drinks Warning

Swallow before you click.

The Falcon's Gyre, its affiliates and employees are exempt from liability for damaged keyboards or monitors stemming from rapid liquid oral expulsion as a result of viewing this video.


Sherry said...

Well, he deserved to be et.


since I can't find a comment code on the Traughton post, I'm going to say it here:

It's amazing how long three minutes can be when you're waiting for the big "NOOOOOOOOO" moment.

Was that a cross?

Not a big stretch of a role, was it?

Falconer said...

Beaker's such a selfish person. All he can say is "Me! Me! Me!"

Yes, it was a cross that got struck by lightning and speared Padre Patrick through.

I guess it works better with the tension of the whole movie. But then again I never said it was a good movie.

And you're right, the Second Doctor spent a lot of time pulling fearful faces and running away.