Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ruminations Upon Disney's Davy Crockett: An Exegesis

Stolen shamelessly from Me Mum, who's doing work on Rebecca Boone and which naturally drifts to Davy Crockett through Dan'l Boone.

Some thoughts:

0:05: O Ho! Back projection, my old nemesis! We meet again!

0:10: Authentic frontier gibberish!

0:43: You know, of all the spontaneous outbursts of song in media, this is perhaps one of the few situations where it's perfectly natural. The chorus has something they've got to do in unison, and they've probably sung this song so many times it haunts them in their sleep.

1:11: Curses! You may have won this round, back projection, but I'll be back! And next time I will have the advantage! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa!!

1:20: Yep, that's what makes Davy Crockett great: grace in victory. I'm sure he would have let Santa Anna keep all the Texas land he'd conquered, had things gone differently at the Alamo.

1:35: Hurrah for licorice hats!

1:50: Don't rightly seem that any part of "makin' up with ol' Mike Fink" could possibly include laughing at him while he eats his hat. But what do I know about Mississip' etiquette? It's probably all right so long as they don't laugh and point.

Turns out Mike Fink was a folk hero in his own right before Davy Crockett joined the ranks of the Mighty Frontiersman. Of course, once they are both folk heroes, questions are going to arise, the answers to which were vitally important and would shake the landscape of American folk tales to its very foundation; and the most important of these questions, even as it remains today, is: Who would win in a fight?

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