Friday, January 9, 2009

Spider-Man and Barack Obama

Everyone's going on about Barack Obama appearing in the latest "special issue" of The Amazing Spider-Man, and I agree, that's terrible:

Just look at that art. Does that even resemble our next president? Taken out of context like this, at first glance I thought it was Robbie Robertson, Peter Parker's once-and-future boss at the Daily Bugle*, but I am assured that it's supposed to be Obama.

And don't get me started on Spidey. Since when did Peter have such a pronounced underbite?

Turns out the art is by Todd Nauk, an associate of Rob Liefield, whom probably no one reading this blog knows or cares about, but let me assure you Liefield's art is horrible and anyone hired by Liefield is probably not going to have the best grasp on anatomy.

*Once-and-future because, of course, we can't let Peter develop as a character, get married, find a job teaching part-time at his old high school, or even really lose Aunt May, because that would make him boring. So we have to leverage Aunt May's life against him in a literal deal-with-a-devil who, let's give them credit, doesn't want Spidey moping about hell for eternity being all messianic and martyrish, so he just demands the last twenty real-life years of continuity. So now Spidey, despite having to be in his 30s by now, is single, back in college, and still a freelance photog for the Bugle.


Sherry said...

Something about the way Spiderman's chin sits on his neck there makes me think of Popeye.

Falconer said...

I yam wots I yam!