Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Internets Grassroots Actions

Via Sadly, No! I see that MoveOn.org is circulating a petition regarding the AIG bonuses totalling several hundred million dollars for executives who ran the country into the ground.

My clueless morning-commute radio hosts (SOUND WARNING) were pontificating yesterday that these bonuses were necessary to retain all those brilliant young go-getters who made AIG such a success. Their reasoning was that the bonuses were a non-negotiable part of their contracts, and if the bonuses are not paid the BYGGs will consider the contract breached and leave to find employment somewhere else. I started yelling "But they MBA'd the company right through the floor!" at my unhearing radio.

AIG executives are appearing before a House hearing on Wednesday. Linky to the Petition and sign it if you've a mind to. Maybe we'll get something done.

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