Monday, June 29, 2009

Billy Mays Dead At 50: Discovery Channel Devastated

Billy Mays, star of the best infomercials you always turned off, has been found dead in his Florida home, apparently after a rough jetliner landing that resulted in a bump to his head.

Authorities are careful to keep the noggin impact and the fact that Mays was found dead in bed separate.

Mays has most recently starred in the barrel-scraping reality TV show Pitchmen, on the Discovery Channel, in which he and partner Andrew Sullivan try to find new products to shill.

Discovery's going to have to find something to fill the first hour timeslot of the two-hour gap between the new episode of Mythbusters and the midnight rerun of the new episode of Mythbusters.

I do feel genuinely sorry for Mays' son, who's only 22.

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