Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Farah Fawcett

The next celebrity mortality on this grim trip through the mortuary which it seems is the whole of my blog lately is Farah Fawcett, who actually died close to a week ago of cancer.

It is human nature to ignore problems until they become personal; who in this world pays any attention to cancer until someone they know and care about is told their body is killing itself? Farah funneled a lot of attention and money into cancer research in her last years; call it enlightened self-interest, perhaps, but her refusal to go quiet into that good night has helped find a cure.

I also wanted to post a picture of her that wasn't that dumb swimsuit pose, which started to look painful to me after the fiftieth blog post. So here she is looking a lot more candid. Fifteen seconds on teh Google, it took me: bloggers, take note.

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