Monday, March 15, 2010

Shorter John Edwards' Lover

Rielle Hunter, Home-Wrecking Relationship Guru
Tracy Clark-Flory,

Elizabeth Edwards is a ball-busting bitch and she did everything wrong in her marriage but I did everything right so listen to me when I dispense relationship advice.

The implications of Rielle Hunter's interview with GQ is enough to make me Hulk out and start smashing up real estate. Don't you dare try to victim-blame the cheated-upon, cancer-dying Elizabeth Edwards. A love affair with Rielle Hunter was not her decision.

Bonus rage: Describing Edwards' lover as a "home-wrecker," which has the effect of absolving Edwards himself of any and all guilt and/or responsibility. It's not his fault, don't you see, she seduced him! Plus it's slut-shaming and woman-blaming. Way to go, Salon. ::slow clap::

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