Monday, July 20, 2009


There are those who think that there's a knife in the backs of every one of our Vietnam veterans. (I have personally heard a proponent of this idea gas off about a Vietnamese general, as late as the '90s, claiming that the Communist Party in Vietnam were paying American war protesters to protest. I tried to convince said gasser that this was a Vietnamese general, and not to be implicitly trusted, but the story supported his world view, and was thus unassailable.)

It stuns me to learn that there are those who think this knife has Walter Cronkite's fingerprints on it.

h/t The Editors.

EDIT: I suppose the Walter Cronkite of my generation, when we could be arsed to watch the evening news, would have to be Dan Rather, who wasn't allowed to retire gracefully like Cronkite, but was pushed out by a bunch of Skins incensed because he looked like a Shirt.

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