Monday, July 20, 2009

Russia Is Awesome

They raise bears by hand there.

They domesticate fishing cats there. Or perhaps we ought to say that Russian fishing cats suffer themselves to be offered catfish in bathtubs and live chickens.

They were taking color photographs a hundred years ago.

And some enterprising Russian blogger got really blitzed on vodka one night and took a raw sausage and stuck uncooked spaghetti through it and created hairy sausages ... which have become a minor deity of the Russian intertubes.

All of this I discovered because Teresa Nielsen-Hayden wondered if this was an authentic Roman fort on an island in a Siberian lake.

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Teresa Nielsen Hayden said...

Is that a compulsively clickable site, or what?

Hairy sausages are a work of genius. I wish they'd been invented in time for the launch party for James White's The Galactic Gourmet, where we went to considerable effort to have the weirdest-looking snacks we could contrive.