Tuesday, August 5, 2008

One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor

It has become a bit of a gag on the Intarwebz lately to suggest that the Fellowship of the Ring should have just flown over Mt. Doom on the Eagles so Frodo could drop the ring in. That would have saved six books' worth of angst and many lives, not least of them Boromir's. Just some background for this picture:

No, No, I said Rohan...  Not Mordor!
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And then there's this one:

Bear is the host and star of the Discovery Channel's program Man vs. Wild. He tends to parachute into remote locations with a cameraman and walk to civilization, or survive for a certain period. It's an excuse to film in Africa, the Pacific Islands, and other locations around the world. I think perhaps there is also a conscious effort to exploit the Eww factor. The one episode I have seen dropped him in Kenya and he walked out, finding water and sustenance where he could, and it seemed like he went for the grossest solutions he could find.

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