Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who Will They Listen To?

I guess one of the things that I am concerned about with this election is the inexperience of every candidate involved. None of them has been president before. Hillary was First Lady, and she's married to a former President, so I would guess that she would adapt more easily to the pressures and demands, especially since she's got Bill right there.

I would hope that Obama is going to actively ask Big Dog for advice during at least the first year of his presidency. His campaign's repeated dismissal of the Old Coalition of the Democratic Party, and the continued arguments of his supporters that we vocal Hillary supporters are hurting Obama's chances and furthering the media's narrative of a split in the party, don't reassure me that Obama's going to be asking Bill for much advice. I know that's irrational -- that Obama certainly can't control the opinions of his supporters -- but it hasn't died down since Hillary suspended her campaign, Obama's praiseful speechifying about Clinton notwithstanding. Something's certainly keeping it agitated.

On the other hand, should McCain get in and ask former presidents for advice, he's got 41 and 43, neither of them stellar presidents, and one of them actively malicious towards the rest of the world. If we don't want them to continue in power, it looks like Obama is the only game in town.

I just wish he'd listen to us.

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