Friday, October 3, 2008

Who Can Remember That Bygone Era of January, 2008?

Captured live in the wild, over at DailyKos:

Michigan was the one HUGE vulnerability in the Kerry State firewall that Obama has working for him, due primarily to the fact there was no primary there.

Oh, I should hope you remember the Michigan primary, buddy. That's the one where you threw a big old tantrum 'cause your fair-haired boy kept his name off the ballot and so no one voted for him.

That's one of the ones our Party Leaders weren't going to seat, then they seated them at 50%, with the votes split evenly between Obama and Clinton.

So you're right: There wasn't actually a primary in Michigan, because the Democratic Party Leaders deemed it null and void with their smoky-room, closed process and arm-twisting at the Rules & Bylaws Committee in June.

I don't see how screwing over the Michigan and Florida voters is going to work in Obama's favor. Even if Obama didn't know what Donna Brazile and the other DNC poobahs were doing, he benefitted from it, and has emerged as the front-man for the entire Democratic Party. He's going to get the blame, well-deserved or entirely undeserved, and I don't see how that's "working for him," Mr. or Mrs. Kossack.

Exactly how is Obama working to overcome the resentment of Michigan voters who may blame him for stealing their primary votes? Serious question, here. It's a vital insight to what kind of president Obama will be, if he ignores how people are unhappy with him.

Via lambert at Corrente.

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Sherry said...

Oh well, this seems to be one that's worked out for Obama all around. The news today is that McCain is pulling his campaign out of the state, essentially conceding it.