Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two Things Orlando Has

The bad news first:

Orlando has the Holy Land Experience, which is a theme park run by The Bible Network that sounds like it was ripped off of a classic rock'n'roll album (are you ... experienced?). It features such things as wandering Roman centurion tour guides, reenactments of stories from the Bible, awful musical groups (including the Holy Land Experience Singers and Last Adam), and cheezy things like the Crystal Waters (a lit-up fountain performance; presumably a holy and blessed lit-up fountain performance), an amazingly plastic-looking Ark of the Covenant which isn't killing anybody or anything (boooo-ring!) in a Wilderness Tabernacle that also includes a menorah (which I thought came later), and an animatronic John Wycliffe. When you have hundreds of employees reenacting the Biblical patriarchs and White Jesus, why spend money on a robot philosopher that needs maintenance, says the same thing over and over, and can't answer questions?

The good news next:

Baby ant-eater!

Holy Land Experience via Morgan.
Baby ant-eater via Cute Overload.
(Which is not to say Morgan's never sent me anything good, just that this was egregious enough to post and barf over.)

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