Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jim Cooper: Objectively Pro-Dog-Food-For-Granny

Representative Jim Cooper (DINO-TN), it is reported, is pressing for a "fiscal responsibility summit," which he hopes to convene next Monday, Feb. 23, my 30th birthday, in order to get the authority to axe Social Security.

Specifically, Cooper hopes to get the commission to allow him to present legislation that is immune to amendment or filibuster, and the goal of which is to "reform" Social Security, Medicare, and the tax code. These reforms are to be presented to Congress later this year, and voted up-or-down on the spot. The Social Security "reform" that he advocates is to raise the retirement rate and cut benefits. Just in time for the war babies and the boomers to retire.

Back in early February, the WaPo reported that Obama was opposed to such a commission. On Tuesday (2/17), however, the Wall Street Journal reports that Obama is in favor of such a commission. However, the WSJ previously reported that Obama was not going to close Gitmo, and then he did it, so their reportage of Obama's intentions is suspect.

I seem to recall that, on our last dance with entitlement reform, W couldn't pass it because the Republicans stomped on his proposals. Now it's the Blue Dogs and the Republicans putting this forward. It seems that they weren't really concerned with protecting our retirees, but with protecting George Bush from himself. Do they reckon that any president under whom SocSec payments are cut will get the blame? Is that why they're okay with it now?

Is this all a big game to them?

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