Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Observations

I listen to the radio on my commute. I tune in for the music; no, you can't make me listen to the ads! If I hear something too egregious, I turn off the radio for a couple of minutes. But on those occasions when I do hear ads, there are a couple of observations that I'd like to make today:

First, there's a local family-owned business who has decided that the best tag line they can come up with is "Shop Cox!" which sometimes they expand into "If you haven't Shopped Cox, you haven't shopped!"

At least none of them are named Harry.

Second of all, you know, when you buy coordinated sheets and blankets and curtains and lampshades and all, isn't it pronounced "bedroom sweet"? Everyone around here calls it a bedroom soot.

Third of all, Georgia Satellites? No. Just no.

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Anonymous said...

Heres what Roane State has to offer on paralegal degrees- I suspect you can test out of CompositionI"!