Thursday, February 7, 2008

Clinton Hating

The Rabid Right have smeared Bill and Hillary Clinton since the '91 general election campaign. It takes a smarter blogger than yours truly to really comprehend and analyze what's behind it, but if it won't turn you off I'll share something that hit me this morning, around the second cup of coffee.

I was reading this article on Sadly, No! while I sipped my coffee and wished madly that I could keep up my proletariat street cred and buy a cappuccino machine.

I know that this sort of thing will never stop. They'll tear apart Hillary Clinton until the sun expands and consumes the Earth, and just generally lie and spin and obfuscate as hard as their little (bitter, hard) hearts can take, but they'll never care about the truth or listen to any defense from us here in Islamocommufasciblogistan because this is what gives their lives meaning.

They still can't believe they lost in '91.

Look, look!
they cry.
Bill Clinton is a dope fiend! He admitted it! That means he's also a murderer, thief and comsympinko! And he charges money for speaking! Money that he keeps and gives to Hillary so she can cut everyone's testicles off and make us all lesbians!!!

Dudes, it didn't work in '91 or '95; Bill Clinton got elected to two consecutive terms of office. That's something you thought your darling cowboy couldn't do without a little help from the Supreme Court and the Ohio Commissioner of Elections.

Cranking it up to 11 and repeating it ad nauseum is not going to torpedo Clinton. You haven't been able to do it before now, what makes you think you can do it now?

Why are you scared to argue against her on the merits of the issues? Is the emotional appeal that much easier and more seductive? Is thinking so hard? I can do it, and I'm not particularly bright.

Your tantrums aren't appealing anymore. Cranking up the volume doesn't make them cool again.

Update: Via The Daily Howler, I see that Maureen Dowd thinks that Hillary Clinton is delusional and thinks she's best adapted to absorb the hate from the right. MoDo (tm and (C) Bartcop) apparently thinks that the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy and all this Hillary hate is just in the candidate's head, and furthermore that if/when Clinton gets into the Oval Office it will all go quietly away.

I wish I were that naive.

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