Thursday, February 7, 2008


The tornadoes that tore up parts of Western Tennessee had become merely strong thunderstorms by the time they hit the Valley and swept up the eastern leg of our particular rebel river. They woke the Falconer household up about 4:30 or so with thunder and intense rain. The winds weren't even that strong; we'd opened up the house to enjoy the warm February evening, and the only window I had to close was behind the television and above a powerstrip (a puddle of water carrying electric current would be a horrible morning greeting).

I didn't even realize at the time that this storm had already killed people.

Via Digby, I see that Monkeyfister is all over this. My readership is nil, at this point, but Monkey asked Blogphalia at large to give this some love. How could I not, when tornadoes terrify me as much as they do Monkeyfister?

I got $5 for the Red Cross. I see that you can specify that your gift goes to the southern tornadoes on Feb. 5-6. Please give at least once

United Way of the Mid-South accepts donations via telephone. I haven't given to them yet, but I will.

$5 from one person isn't very much, but if thousands of people pitch in it mounts up. And I'm not going to give just once, but at least once a month from now on.

I'm glad to support Monkeyfister and my fellow Southrons in this.

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