Thursday, February 14, 2008

What the Hell?

Via Pandagon, I hear of this book, Skinny Bitch, which seems to be simply an incarnation of every anorexic's inner voice:

You need to exercise, you lazy shit.

Coffee is for pussies.

Don't be a fat pig anymore.

What the hell? Who thought a book written like this was a good idea?

This book is abuse in a hardback cover. They probably think they can get away with it by saying, "Can't you take a joke?" just like every other abuser out there: "Jeez, you're sensitive. Don't hold me accountable! It just makes you look bad."

This book is not representative of veganism or vegetarianism. It hardly has cause to call itself a book.

Go read the Salon article, and the Pandagon post.

They'll print anything these days ::shakes head::

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