Thursday, February 21, 2008

What the Hell?

So David tells me to contact the Cheyenne Ambulatory Care Center in Oak Ridge to get some records for one of our clients.

I say Okay, and head on over to which doesn't have it.

I scour the Yellow Pages in the phone book, hoping to Magnum, P.I.* up a number. Nope.

I call 411. I have to say "One" twice to get a government or business listing; apparently the robot wasn't listening to me the first time. The droid also fails to bring up a number for it, and dumps me into the wait queue for a live person.

She's very sorry, but there's no listing. Can she help me with another listing today?

So I ask for Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge. That at least is recognized by AT&T.

But I know Cheyenne Ambulatory is there. It's on the Turnpike. I pass it twice each workday. Isabel had her nose job done there. What, didn't they pay their phone bill?


Update the First: All right, it wasn't rhinoplasty, it was surgery to correct a deviated septum. It just amuses me to call it a nose job; however, since it doesn't amuse Isabel I guess that behavior is going to extinguish.

Update the Second: The Cheyenne Ambulatory Care Center is a satellite of Methodist Medical Center. At least I ain't crazy.

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