Saturday, May 31, 2008

Braw Wee Babbies

Keep an eye on John in the lower right within the first 15 seconds or so in this one:

And, for oft-forgot Caturday, I give you Georgette, Isabel Johnson's cat, who turned up with her brother around 99 or 2000. Sadly, George the cat is no longer with us, having been diagnosed shortly thereafter with feline leukemia. They were named after Curious George, back before he got politicized.


Cola Johnson said...

It's times like this that I feel a rare swelling of pride that I'm as much English as I am Cherokee. =)

(which is to say a quarter)

Falconer said...

Oooh! A commenter I don't recognize! This can only mean one thing!

Can vast riches be far behind?!!

With all seriousness, welcome to my little corner of the Toobz, cola johnson! So what are your other two quarters? I'm so much a blend of white European that I can't quantify how much I am of any one group.