Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've Just Seen Prince Caspian

And they totally took out Silenus and all the maenads and stuff. I guess Walden Media didn't understand the book.

But Trumpkin is even more surly and snarkful than in the books. When it comes out that Lucy has taken to referring to him as the DLF, or Dear Little Friend, he says "Well, that isn't patronizing at all, is it?" But he's eventually forced to acknowledge that Aslan exists, at which point the big lovable cat (having just given Reepicheep his tail back) bellows at the skeptic, thus sealing his humiliation before everyone who counts. Whee.

No more, for at least two weeks, or I'm afraid I may spoil it for people.

To wrap up, I'm not sorry I've seen it, it was a fun two hours and twenty minutes, but I don't think it has much rewrite value.

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Cola Johnson said...

Pretty much how I felt, except that I haven't read any of the books. My childhood was spent on Black Beauty and Harlequin romance novels. I discovered fantasy around puberty with The Hobbit.