Tuesday, May 6, 2008


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As Pandagon notes, the makers of Expelled! are arguing that they put a 15-second clip of the above song into their movie because they wanted to refute its premises.

Huh. I thought Expelled! was about religion and science, not religion and art.

Amanda wanted to know why they still hold a grudge over a song that's pushing 40 years old (great, I just made my folks feel ancient), but some of these folks haven't gotten over Chappaquiddick.

So, as I said over at Pandagon (but Blogsome probably ate my comment), they're just jealous:

"Hey! Where's my Asian bride? Why can't I have a rock album with naked pictures of me and that Asian bride on the cover? Why don't teenage girls swoon in my presence!!!"

So there. Expelled! is an eminently silly movie made by eminently silly men, the foremost among them that publicity hound Ben Stein. Maybe he should have won more of his own money.


Sherry said...

Well, I remember Chappaquiddick, too, so maybe I am ancient.

Some one said last night that the votes in Gary, Indiana were being counted so slowly because they had people 60 and 70 years old doing the counting. Poor tottery old things....

Falconer said...

I'm glad to see that you're able to post comments again. I don't know what happened.

I guess my point was they're still holding a grudge over the whole thing.

And I wouldn't be surprised if somehow the Gary thing got tied to Clinton's tail like that odd Women's Voices robocall thing.