Sunday, May 11, 2008

If It Is Tuesday, This Must Be Nazi Germany

WARNING: Long and bitter. Click here if you'd rather not read.

Over at Sadly, No!, Jillian has returned from a long absence with "some secret footage that someone managed to smuggle out of Clinton’s campaign headquarters."

It's a YouTube from some movie or other featuring Hitler, or a reasonable facsimile thereof, heaping verbal abuse upon his underlings.

I have not watched this video. I wanted to see what the comments said, so I read them first. They confirmed my suspicion that Jillian's post is nothing but nasty.

I have not watched this video. I will not propagate it around the Internet, and it sounds like Sadly, No! is not the first stop for it. I will similarly not link to Sadly, No! in this post. Many people have delinked each other in this primary fight, but I will not remove Sadly, No! from my sidebar because the crew has done sterling work debunking and mocking the punditry of the right. This video is merely a blot upon their copybook.

It defies all reason to call Hillary Clinton Hitler. Why is racism imputed into our motivations when we support her? Their argument boils down to If you're not voting for the black dude, you're a racist on par with the axe crazy person who had 6 million people killed. Really, it's that simple: Vote for the black dude or you're a racist. They don't provide any argument why we should vote for Obama; when pressed for three reasons, one commenter over there stated "He's not John McCain" three times, which is equally true of Clinton and really not a reason for Obama but against McCain.

Skin color trumps policy positions and experience and everything else.

At least we'll have lots of practice calling McCain names in the general.

I mean, seriously, do these guys know what real racists are like? Every third pickup truck here in Oak Ridge -- Oak Ridge, Tennessee, the blue dot -- has a Confederate flag bumper sticker, window decal, or front license plate. I am living among people who have martyr complexes because my great-great-grandparents beat their great-great-grandparents in a war, not to mention that they are proud of what the Confederacy stood for: Exploitation, rape, beatings, and murder.

They are willing to impute all of those things onto me simply because I want to preserve Social Security, support our aging parents and grandparents, and obtain universal healthcare. Obama has been positioning himself in this primary against all three of those things, while Clinton has been running on promises to uphold them. I like Hillary's policy positions on many things. I disagree with the gas tax holiday. I disagreed with the war in Iraq. But those are definite policy positions, and I have seen nothing but vague promises and glory from Obama's campaign.

Barack Obama: Sexy. Hopeful. Changing. Vote for Sexy Hope and Change!


MW said...

I think that this says all that needs to be said. Funny how, if you say one negative thing about Obama, no matter how benign, you're labeled as a racist. But you can trash Hillary to your heart's content, and nobody says a damned word.

Sherry said...

Some guy in the Herald-Leader here in Lexington is suggesting that Kentuckians vote for Obama to expiate for our racist past. Funny that he doesn't see that as a racist argument.