Monday, March 24, 2008

Odds and Ends

It's the Monday after Easter, and it's snowing.

So a few chestnuts for the fire, so to speak, as we break out the eider and put the mothballs back in the box, for they are like new:

Firstly, brushing up my nerd web cred, via Aaron Williams at I have discovered both the Seven Stages of Gary Gygax and the Top 13 D&D Video Games. Ah, video games based on Dungeons & Dragons: the ultimate distillation of nerd, nay, the purest form of that rarest of elements, Nerdonium.

Secondly, I see that Ben Stein's latest effort has produced the movie Expelled!, which was being screened for free at the Mall of America* when PZ Myers of Pharyngula dropped by to claim his seats what he had signed up for a while ago. What ensued is best explained firsthand. Click through for a nice laugh; no, I won't spoil it.

Finally, I give you the World's Hardest Game: I got up to the fifth board before I got decently stumped. Warning: Music and SFX!

*Seriously, that captures the modern American spirit right there. A gigantic shopping mall! Built on what was once farmland! Hurrah!

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