Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Recursive Troll

PZ Myers has a very long and quite insane comment in one of his posts.

A small snippet:

Yes, this is god's positioning, but as I say you need to understand the reality, that the gods run the show, but also understand their positioning, for it can help you remain safe:::
1. The Boot
2. The Scandanavian [redacted for vulgarity] on Europe
3. Redwhite&blue IS BAD FOR YOU!!!

He also goes on at length about some "Preditory [sic] Italian Company" and Ned Flanders.

Isabel thinks this is a guy arguing with himself, nay, trolling himself. The repeated mention of "You suck.wav" certainly seems insulting enough.

For the record, PZ's commenters think this was a bot. It seems to have shown up on literally thousands of blogs since the fall of '07 and is growing each day.

Is it a bot written by a schizophrenic programmer? Or a schizophrenic bot written by a sane and very clever programmer? Does it scan the Intertoobz for examples of trolling, looking to create a post so massive that it collapses into a singularity of hate and pot-stirring? Can we perhaps harness the potentialities of troll-point energy to flick starships between star systems? Is this the breakthrough that will finally relegate the Bad News Drive to the dust heaps of history? Only time will tell!

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