Saturday, March 8, 2008

Still Life with Homicidal Maniac and Window

Here's a pretty clear picture of Spook, posing for the camera. Just after we moved into our last place (December '04) we decided to put up some plastic on the windows because the back bedroom-cum-computer room was cold. So that's what's behind Spook, here, my crappy plastic job. You're supposed to shrink the plastic with a hair dryer, but I sat there with the dryer for ten minutes and I couldn't get that sag out of the plastic.

So it stayed up for about two weeks until Spook learned that it makes a nice noise and she brought it down trying to sharpen her claws on it. She also tore up the shower curtain at least once. We got her a cat tree, but she's content to ignore it. I guess the loud and exasperated noises we make when we catch her clawing up our furniture is part of the charm....

Still, she is a pretty little devil, isn't she?

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