Sunday, March 16, 2008

Some Variety

I figure you're all bored with Spook by now, or at least that you wouldn't say no to some other cats.

This is Linda's tom cat Bing Bing. They say his full name is Abednigo, but I know they're lying. I never thought that the name was odd until I come to write it down. Perhaps I shall just call him Bing for now. No one ever laughed at Bing Crosby's name, you see, but if he'd been Bing Bing Crosby? So one Bing it is. Linda insists he's not a big tom cat, but he could give Peanut or Bertie a run for their money. Unlike either of them, though, I think most of his mass is flab.

He got badly cut several years ago, when Linda was having her windows replaced. The workmen left a piece of glass leaning up against a tree. Bing climbed that tree and when he came to jump down he cut his right forepaw pretty badly on the glass. He's all healed up now, but the tendons must have been injured because he tends to bend that paw at the wrist when he walks on it, and not at the digits.

He's a big old teddy bear. It's nice to be able to walk up to him when he's posing like that and reach your hand in to scratch his belly without being concerned about being Cuisinarted. Some cats don't like their bellies scratched, but Bing's just fine with it.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend. It rained all day down here, and thundered. What a lovely day to stay in under the covers. It's quarter to 5 in the a.m. now, and all quiet on the Ridge.

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