Friday, December 12, 2008

Connectivity Issues Suck

Anyway, no video yesterday because the Intertubes got clogged.

So here's yesterday's Zappa video -- "I'm the Slime."

Harlan Ellison called it The Glass Teat.

If only it were so simple as turning off the television. We have to instill in future generations the will and motivation to go out and find things out for themselves, rather than sit at home vegging in front of the tube. That means we need energy. That means we need to be able to support ourselves, even the least among us, without working ourselves to exhaustion. That means overhauling our economy and, to a larger extent, our society.

Another track from Over-Nite Sensation. Some things just never lose relevance. As a song of its times, however, it anticipates the Central Scrutinizer of Joe's Garage, another implacable, all-controlling figure (not coincidentally the role that Frank reserved for himself in that odd little rock opera; the title role went to Ike Willis). Is this spectre of loss of freedom tying into the American legend, or is it part of the zeitgeist of the Cold War? Is the Slime, in other words, generic, or specifically Communist?

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