Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Atrios, via Glenn:

The Obama campaign didn't exist to make me feel good, and the Obama presidency won't either. I don't especially like his people punching the dirty fucking hippies under the bed, but on the other hand if they manage to convince people that Obama is a sensible centrist who wants to do sensible centrist things like build SUPERTRAINS, get out of Iraq, not torture people or invade random countries, strengthen labor protections, reduce income inequality, improve education, provide health care for people, and reduce poverty, while those DAMNED DIRTY HIPPIES just won't shut up about their magic ponies, it's fine by me.

For years we've had Democrats railing against those crazy hippies as an excuse to not do all of those things. If Obama's people are going to rail against the hippies and use it as an excuse to do them, fine with me. If.

Don't hold your breath, there, Duncan.

So Barack Obama is building a Trojan Horse out of appointments of people to his right, and the exclusion of everyone to his left. Is it full of lefties, inside all those righties, ready to leap out and enact a progressive agenda on the unsuspecting Troy that is Congress? Is it full of neocons who are going to shout MORE MORE MORE and push more soldiers into Iraq? Is it empty? Is it, in fact, going to be taken into the walls of Congress and then catapulted onto the unsuspecting heads of the left-progressives?

In short, are the Republicans going to be fooled? I don't care if they are or if they aren't, voluntarily giving up what political power you have scrabbled for over the last 50 years in the hope that it will somehow start raining ponies is not worth it. If they are fooled, you won't get credit. If they aren't fooled, you won't get ponies. In either event, you won't have any power left, and you'll have to start over from scratch. And, if somehow we do see all kinds of ponies, who's going to let us ride any? We're just DAMNED DIRTY HIPPIES, after all, we didn't lift a finger to make ponies drop from the sky. Get a job, dirty hippies!

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