Monday, December 29, 2008

Two People Made One In Marriage And Exit Interviews

”His inner core and his belief in freedom, and that means not just freedom from terrorism, but freedom from disease and freedom from illiteracy is what really is the basic of American values and that’s what I think he’s shown the whole time he’s been president,” [Laura] Bush said.

Whoa, there, ma'am, I think you got your agenda mixed up with your husband's. You're the caring, nurturing one who makes sure all the kids in the world are safe, healthy, and well-educated, and he's the tough-love, no-nonsense one who kills them after they fuck up, or convinces them to join his Army so they can kill other children who've fucked up.

And by "fucked up," I mean "chosen to be born a foreigner." It's worse if they chose to be born with lots of melanin in their skin, of course, since they all hate us, but the dark ones hate us more. It's either "born a foreigner" or "born in the States, but charged with a capital crime." The Way of Bush is a narrow one, indeed.

Via Pandagon.

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