Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Via Pharyngula, here's an AOL poll regarding W's recent comments about his religion.

This is interesting. While "Is the Bible literally true?" is tied at 50/50, Creationism is beating Evolution as the origin of life on Earth 47-35 right as I type. However, 44% of respondents say that Bush's religious views are "not at all" similar to theirs, and asked if Bush's views affected his policies, "Yes, and it bothered me" is winning 42-34 over "Yes, and that's fine," with the remainder going to "No."

Of course, the number of respondents is different for each poll. More people are voting on Biblical literalism and creationism than on the other two questions. However, and considering that there's no way for me to know how many respondents answered the polls in which combination, it would seem that if Biblical literalism is 50-50, then Creationism should be closer than 47-35. I guess there are creationists who do not believe the Bible is literally true. Either that, or not everyone is voting in every poll.

Of course, PZ sent his minions (Hey! When do I get minions?) to crash the poll, so the results aren't representative. However, I'm sure the PZ Minions would have all voted for Evolution, so why is Creationism still holding out?

Are Creationists coming to this poll just to vote on this one question? Are they distancing themselves from an unpopular president? What's going on here?

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