Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Couple Things From PZ Myers

First, on Michael Medved's column about how we dasn't elect no G-dless folk to the Pres'nency:

In the interests of being totally fair, I'd like all my American readers to know that it is right to resist the election of a wandering Geatish epic hero to the presidency, too: they tend to be violent, any time they're not at war they're morosely guzzling mead, they don't speak the language of Congress, there is actually a constitutional restriction against foreign-born nationals, and, well, they're all dead. See? It's a little harsh to tell someone famous in the sagas of skalds that they don't get to be president, but at least I can give a list of decent reasons.

He makes me laugh, quite often, actually.

And this he also had on his site, which (I must admit) didn't leave me scratching my head very much:

It was nominated for best short animated film in 2003.

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