Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yoink (Home Edition)

I am yoinking a music meme from Morgan, and for completeness I'll run down the guidelines here:

1. Shuffle your music player.
2. Go down the list and list out the first lines from the first 20 songs, excluding instrumentals.
3. See who can guess what.

For those who participate, there will be cake.

So, without further ado, I proceed:

1. This is his lair, I smell the old fox around/He keeps himself to himself, he's staying close to the ground

2. I will survive, in my Mach 5, in my Mach 5, I will survive (yeah, yeah, yeah)
Morgan got this one: "Mach 5," The Presidents of the United States of America

3. Ex Tee Sea versus Adam Ant/Content versus form
Morgan got this one: "XTC versus Adam Ant," They Might Be Giants

4. You called me last night/On the telephone
Morgan got this one: "New York City," They Might Be Giants (although I think I heard they covered it).

5. The bells are ringing/The song they're singing/This song is bringing the people round
Morgan got this one: "The Bells," They Might Be Giants

6. I lost my lucky ball and chain/Now she's forty years gone
Morgan got this one, too: "Lucky Ball And Chain," They Might Be Giants. My home computer must love them as much as I do.

7. My whole family loves Three's Company/See the reruns constantly/They're on my Tee Vee
Morgan, again: "Syndicated, Incorporated," Weird Al Yankovich

8. We carried you in our arms on Independence Day/Now you throw us all aside and put us all away

9. Ooh my little hungry one, hungry one/Open up a package of my bologna
Morgan, again: "My Bologna," by Weird Al.

10. As I walked out one night in the mystic garden/The wounded flowers were dangling from the vine

11. Take time for your pleasure/And laugh with love/Take the hand of another/And sing with the wings of a dove

12. Man came to the door/I said for whom are you looking/He said your wife/I said she's busy in the kitchen cooking

13. Don't wanna be a Canadian idiot/Don't wanna be some beer-swilling hockey nut
Morgan, again: "Canadian Idiot," Weird Al

14. Lost john sitting on a railroad track/Somethin's outta whack

15. Show me the meaning of the world

16. Young Abdel Mahdi Shahmay was only eighteen years old

17. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee/They're throwing knives into the tree

18. Down at the shore there's a place where there's no one vacationing

19. Since I was a child, I tried to be what I am not/I lied and I've enjoyed it all my life
Morgan, one last time: "Big Hat, No Cattle," Randy Newman

20. By and by, I'm breathing a lover's sigh/Well I'm sitting on my watch so I can be on time

Well, that's it. Those are from my home computer, on which I have fewer mp3s. Perhaps I will do this again in a few weeks from my office computer, which has a larger selection.

And for those who have read this far: The cake is a lie. But here's a cat pic:


MW said...

2. Would be "Mach 5" by the Presidents of the United States of America. It's also, as it happens, one of my favorite of their songs.

3."XTC vs Adam Ant" by They Might Be Giants.

5."The Bells Are Ringing" also by They Might Be Giants.

6."Lucky Ball and Chain" again, by They Might Be Giants. Also, I think it's 'four years gone', but I've never bothered to look up the lyrics.

7."Syndicated Inc" by Weird Al.

9."My Bologna" again by Weird Al. Not one of his best efforts, I think.

13."Canadian Idiot" again by Weird Al. All in all, I think I like the original better, but I think that the album as a whole is one of his better ones.

19."Big Hat, No Cattle" by Randy Newman.

I know "Wings of a Dove", too, but I can't remember who did it right now. And what, no guesses for my list? I know most of the easy ones are already taken, but there are a couple you ought to know.

Falconer said...

Sorry, got sidetracked all day yesterday.

I know that the one track is the quasi-protest song from Barenaked Ladies. I can't recall the exact title, but the chorus goes "I'll be leaving soon."

And the one where his baby was a Paul McCartney fan is "Who put the something in the something-something-something," but I can't even begin to spell all that and I don't know who it's by, anyway.

And "My Bologna" is real early Weird Al; I think it's largely credited as his breakout song. I'm not surprised that it's not as good as his later stuff.