Friday, April 11, 2008


Just now, there was a blast of wind so strong that it knocked a pane of glass out of the second story of the warehouse/storefront katty-kornered across the intersection from the office.

I first knew of it when I heard glass shatter. I looked out the window, and I realize that there's a lot of white shards scattered across Main Street. Then I look up and one of the white-painted windows in the warehouse is busted. I can see some sort of wooden structure behind it, that was maybe shifted by the wind and actually caused the damage.

The odd thing is, in order to get scattered across Main Street, the glass had to move laterally a good twenty yards, across the one-way street right next to the warehouse and across the corner of the grass lawn in front of the Methodist church that is directly across Main Street from us.

So, now there's glass all across the road. Is this a 911 situation? Someone could blow a tire. Is that even possible? There are cars driving across it and all that's happening is it's getting smushed into smaller fragments.

At least it wasn't something in our building, and no one got hurt.

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